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Protect Your Car from Hail-3 Car Garage Homes for Sale in San Antonio TX

This is an older post I wrote in 2016 when we had a major hail storm in our terrific city that damaged a lot of homes and cars!  Today, three years later, we experience another hail storm that wasn’t quite as extensive; however, I am positive home owners experienced some damage to their cars.  San Antonio Home Owners really like to use their garages for other things besides cars!   Read up as this still applies and if your looking for a home with a three car garage, give us a call!

Well…well…well…San Antonio TX experienced a major hail storm last night.  Golf and Baseball Sized Hail rocketed (and I really mean rocketed) our area last night causing some severe damage to homes and automobiles across the Greater San Antonio TX area.

 I’m sure you can read the news to find out and see all the wonderful photographs and see the damage.  Needless to say, the insurance companies felt the wave this morning with just over 16,000 claims currently to property and autos, with more sure to come in.  The photos are pretty amazing and the damage as well.  

Many homeowners have this wonderful thing called a garage here in San Antonio TX, but don’t use them to house their cars.  In fact, garages in San Antonio TX are many times used as an extra room, game room or storage for all the stuff that doesn’t fit in their homes.  Because of this, cars left outside experienced some major damage during this hail storm.

So, in my desire to assist every homeowner and car in San Antonio TX, I thought I’d provide this, (let’s say, public service announcement), to share with you that perhaps it’s time to purchase a San Antonio TX home with a 3 car garage.  This way you can have your extra room and perhaps also protect your cars from storm damage such as hail.

Now, to be sure, we don’t get slammed with hail of this magnitude all the time…but when we do, hey..we do it right (everything’s bigger in Texas for sure, to include our hail)!    

It may be too late for the car you have, but check out these available San Antonio TX Homes for Sale with 3 Car Garages and give me, Brenda Mullen your San Antonio TX Realtor® a call and see if we can’t get you into one and protect your poor cars from this ever happening again!

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