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Get em While They’re Hot-San Antonio TX Homes for Sale with Pools

Tis the season to buy a home for sale in the Greater San Antonio TX area with a POOL.  Many areas of the country, homes with pools can be a bad thing, (although I can’t imagine why).  However, here in the Greater San Antonio TX area, homes with pools are a great commodity and they go quickly!  

There are some great advantages to having a home with a pool here in San Antonio TX, not which the least is that you can swim in it year round!  

To purchase a home for sale with a pool in the San Antonio area, you will need some information.  First, you gotta know where to find them and to do that, I suggest hiring your local San Antonio TX Realtor® to get on a very special list of any homes for sale with pools, daily.  

If you’re looking yourself on Zillow, Truila or some other website, the information may be inaccurate OR, by the time you see it…IT’s GONE.  

You will also need an agent to help you get into the home once you find one.  Competition is FIERCE for purchasing a San Antonio TX home for sale with a Pool.  I’m not kidding on this one.  Generally a home for sale with a pool gets snapped up within DAYS!

Next, you will need to have the right mindset.  Unfortunately, any home with a pool is going to go very quickly.  Negotiating a “Good Deal” to get into a home with a pool is going to leave you without the home.  As your Realtor® will do a comparative market analysis and advise you on pricing with these types of homes, but starting low to see what the “seller is willing to take” is NOT a great strategy in this case.  These homes tend to go within a matter of days and for sale prices and quite often a bit above list price and with no seller concessions, meaning Full Price is quite often, not good enough.

With the situation above, you will just need to decide on what is more important to you, a home with a pool or a home at a lower price.  

On another note, being prepared also means being prequalified or preapproved to get into a home (any home) with a good lender.   Again, homes for sale with pools will get snapped up and the seller will not wait (or even have to) for you to get qualified to purchase the home.  If you don’t have one, I work with some terrific ones!

So, there you have it…it’s time to get em while it’s HOT…buy a San Antonio TX home with a Pool!  Check out the available San Antonio TX area homes for sale with pools and contact me, Brenda Mullen REALTOR® San Antonio TX   to get your own personalized daily list of homes for sale with POOLS!


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